Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Gran Canaria Beatriz Prez faces her Final Battle of La Voz - La Provincia

Gran Canaria Beatriz Prez faces her Final Battle of La Voz - La Provincia

The program of Atresmedia, 'The voice', celebrates this week celebrates the'Final battle', last step before the' Direct '. In the last deliveries, each coach has formed a team of six members and two stolen, a total of eight contestants. Thus, in the two galas this week, each group will face each other in four duels, which involves a screening of four contestants. The four finalists of each team will fight to win the 'talent'in the semifinals and in the Grand finale.

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Among the participants is the grancanaria Beatriz Pérez, interpreter of Last Key, which shone with its own light in the Assault phase of 'La Voz', where he interpreted with certainty and delicacy the song 'All I Ask', by Adele.

Although he made an interpretation that was applauded by all, it was not enough to make it to the final - at least in the first instance. Pablo López He chose to save Javier Erro and Apryl Scemama and thus, classify them for the Final Battle of 'La Voz'. But it was not the end for Beatriz.

Thanks to a new system of this edition that allows a second chance to those who stay at the doorstep of the final and gives the 'coaches' of the other teams the option of including a new artist in their teams to participate in the 'Final battle'

By Beatriz, they bid Paulina Rubio Y Luis Fonsi. The singer of Slowly He alleged that he loved his voice and that he did not have the opportunity to choose it because it was blocked during the auditions. "I just want you to remember that Paulina, in blind auditions, did not turn her chair for you," the Puerto Rican said with a touch of malice. "It's true, but today you've done your best", answered the golden girl. "I did not count on this, I say it with my heart in my hand", answered the applicant to win this edition of La Voz. "But also with my heart in my hand I have to say that I stay in the Fonsi team," he concluded.

Two other canary participants

The Gran Canaria will be accompanied by other Canarian participants. On the one hand, the Italian -president in Tenerife- Giosy Moltino, of Paulina Rubio's team, and Shadday López -also from Tenerife- of Antonio Orozco's team.


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