April 10, 2021

Goyas 2019: Seville is decorated to receive 3,000 film guests | Culture

Goyas 2019: Seville is decorated to receive 3,000 film guests | Culture

The Andalusian capital is accustomed to looking at itself in the mirror and looking beautiful, but these days it has the ego through the clouds. It treasures a film festival with pedigree, that of European cinema, but why has it been the city chosen to host the Goyaand not another? Not only the organizational experience and filming weighs, but also the human warmth. "Sevilla loves Spanish cinema a lot and we go where they want us to be. The city and the sponsors, the public and the people have a fantastic attitude and a lot of love. There was no doubt, the bet was very firm. We know that it is very important to go to the places where they want us and not to those who do not love us, "joked this week the director of the Film Academy, Mariano Barroso. The proof of that love is that the municipal company Contursa, which manages the Palacio de Congresos, has run a good part of the costs of moving the gala to Seville.

The city slides the red carpet for the second time only a month and a half after hosting the delivery of the 31st awards of the European Film Academy. Beyond the cold and enormous enclosure of the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses (Fibes) that welcomes the appointment with a capacity for 3,200 guests (a thousand of them academic, 168 nominated), this week the city has illuminated key sites such as the Torre del Oro , the Wall of the Macarena or the Zapata de Triana facing the river, in order to remind your passers the rendezvous with the Goya.

Since January 28 the Seville public has flocked to different theaters to watch the favorite films until all the passes are filled. Not only in the center of the Andalusian capital: the inmates of the prison Sevilla 1 have seen Champions and the curious have taken photos in the photocall installed in the Consistory to look like national stars.

The flood of visitors in the middle of January – low tourist season – has cheered in parallel the boxes of hotels and eight of them have hung the sign of no rooms available. So much visit will have a direct economic impact of five million and indirectly the city will achieve a projection in media advertising valued at 100 million, according to the estimates of the City of Seville. In the gala there will be more than 300 accredited media.

This Friday, as the culmination of the deployment in the city by the Goya, the mayor, Juan Espadas, gave the Andalusian nominees a Giraldillo as a symbol of the city. "We want to simply congratulate the Andalusian cinema and highlight its enormous strength and potential," stressed the alderman.

As Málaga did 20 years ago to take off as a cinematographic destination thanks to its national film festival, Seville boosted its European film festival and the public has responded in an ascending way until reaching the ceiling of 76,000 spectators last November.

The Andalusian capital has monopolized filming in recent times as the series Plague Y Game of Thrones or movies like Star Wars: the attack of the clones. The destination Seville as a filming city has been consolidated in recent years, in which the audiovisual industry in Seville has been boosted with a total direct investment of 11.6 million (4.3 million feature films) and more than 130 film shoots. year.

"The talent of the Andalusian cinema in recent years is indisputable and a source of pride for all filmmakers. Screenwriters, directors, actors and technicians of all specialties make it a reference, "says Barroso. In parallel, the Seville brand has also curdled to host other cultural celebrations such as the Max, Ondas or Forqué Awards in the last year.

The protagonists of the films, in front of or behind the cameras, usually take advantage of these appointments to watch movies, make contacts or simply enjoy a bit of tourism. "In the last edition of the Seville Festival was 90% of the directors who were showing films in the different sections," said the person in charge of the meeting, José Luis Cienfuegos, to highlight the attraction that the city has for filmmakers.


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