Goya Awards 2022 - Where to see the films nominated for the Goya Awards 2022

Everything is ready for the 2022 Goya Awards ceremony. The great Spanish cinema gala will be held next Saturday, February 12, at the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia at 10:00 p.m. the good boss part with an all-time record 20 nominationsfollowed by maixabel with 14 nominations and parallel mothers with 8.

'The good boss' makes history with 20 nominations at the Goya Awards

'The good boss' makes history with 20 nominations at the Goya Awards

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The countdown also begins to arrive at the event with the homework done as a spectator. Catching up with the candidates is usually a common task in the run-up, although given the abundance of viewing platforms, it is sometimes not easy to find them, since some are still available in theaters and others on streaming platforms. streaming. Therefore, here is a guide not to get lost.

'The good boss'

Fernando León de Aranoa's film is still showing in the main Spanish cinemas, so there shouldn't be any big problems when it comes to attending one of its multiple sessions. It is not yet on platforms, but it is expected to reach Movistar Plus +.


Icíar Bollaín's film is another of the great favorites at the 2022 Goya Awards. It is not in as many theaters as Aranoa's film, but it can still be found in some, such as the Renoir Cines Princesa, the Sala Berlanga and Cines Embajadores (Madrid). ); and El Molí Cultural Center (Benetússer, Valencia). And, from February 11, on the Los Goya channel by Movistar Plus+.

'Parallel mothers'

Another of the candidates' heavyweights, especially after be nominated for two Oscars. Pedro Almodóvar's work that combines motherhood and historical memory will be released on Netflix on February 18, but in the meantime it can be seen in cinemas such as Arenas de Barcelona Multicines (Barcelona); Renoir Cines Princesa and Sala Berlanga (Madrid); CineCiutat (Palma de Mallorca) and El Molí Cultural Center (Valencia).


Marcel Barrena's drama about the refugee crisis can still be seen on the big screen. Specifically, at Cines Embajadores and Sala Berlanga (Madrid); CineCiutat (Palma de Mallorca); and El Molí Cultural Center (Benetússer, Valencia). But if you can't find it in a closer room, you can also watch it from home. It is available for Movistar Plus+ subscribers and can be rented on both Filmin and Rakuten TV.


Clara Roquet's first film had already stopped being programmed in cinemas, but it has returned for the occasion. Independent film production company Avalon announced last Wednesday its return to theaters in different areas of the Spanish scene: Andalusia, Asturias, Catalonia, Madrid, Castilla y León, the Canary Islands... A month later, in March, it will arrive on Movistar Plus+. Nor would it be strange if she eventually made her appearance on Filmin, a platform where two short films by the director are already hosted.

'The laws of the border'

Daniel Monzón's film, with which he travels to Spain in the 1980s, is nominated for 6 'big heads'. It premiered in Spanish cinemas on October 8 and can currently be seen on the Netflix platform.

'The belly of the sea'

The latest from Agustí Villaronga, director of black pa, is a beautiful symbiosis halfway between cinema and theater that tells the story of a shipwreck. It can be seen at Filmin and at the Sala Berlanga in Madrid, where a session is scheduled for February 16.

'Another round'

It was one of the phenomena of last year. Thomas Vinterberg's film with the exceptional interpretation of Mads Mikkelsen won the Oscar for Best International Film. It is in the Movistar Plus+ catalog, but it can also be rented on Filmin, Rakuten TV, Google Play, Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

'A promising young woman'

It is the feminist thriller of the decade. It will compete for the Goya for Best Foreign Film with Another round, which makes it difficult for him, but Emerald Fennell's film deserves its own recognition. It is in the Movistar Plus+ catalog, and can also be purchased on Apple TV, Rakuten TV, Microsoft Store and Amazon Prime.

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