Goya Awards 2022: this is the complete list of nominees

The list of nominees for the Goya Awards 2022 it is already known and has an indisputable proper name: ‘The good boss’. Fernando León de Aranoa’s film starring Javier Bardem has broken all records by opting for 20 statuettes.

Best film

‘The good boss’


‘Parallel mothers’



Best director

Fernando León de Aranoa for ‘The Good Patron’

Manuel Martín Cuenca for ‘The daughter’

Pedro Almodóvar for ‘Parallel Mothers’

Icíar Bollaín for ‘Maixabel’

best Actor

Javier Bardem for ‘The Good Patron’

Javier Gutiérrez for ‘The daughter’

Luis Tosar for ‘Maixabel’

Eduard Fernández for ‘Mediterranean’

Best actress

Emma Suárez for ‘Josefina’

Petra Martínez for ‘Life was that’

Penelope Cruz for ‘Parallel Mothers’

Blanca Portillo for ‘Maixabel’

Best Supporting Male Performance

Celso Bugallo for ‘The Good Patron’

Fernando Arbizu for ‘The good boss’

Manolo Solo for ‘The good boss’

Urko Olazabal for ‘Maixabel’

Best Supporting Actress

Sonia Almarcha for ‘The Good Patron’

Nora Navas for ‘Libertad’

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón for ‘Parallel Mothers’

Milena Smit for ‘Parallel Mothers’

Best New Actor

Oscar de la Fuente for ‘The Good Patron’

Tariq Rmili for ‘The Good Patron’

Chechu Salgado for ‘The Laws of the Border’

Jorge Motos for ‘Lucas’

Best New Actress

Angela Cervantes for ‘Chavalas’

Almudena Amor for ‘The good boss’

Nicole García for ‘Libertad’

María Cerezuela for ‘Maixabel’

Best New Director

Carol Rodríguez for ‘Chavalas’

Javier Marco Rico for ‘Josefina’

David Martín de los Santos for ‘Life was that’

Clara Roquet for ‘Libertad’

Best European Film

‘Goodbye, idiots’ (France)

‘The perfect man’ (Germany)

‘Another round’ (Denmark)

‘A promising young woman’ (UK)

Best Ibero-American Film

‘Song without a name’ (Peru)

‘The mountain range of dreams’ (Chile)

‘The siamese’ (Argentina)

‘Los lobos’ (Mexico)

Best Adapted Screenplay


‘The belly of the sea’

‘The laws of the border’

‘Lemon bread with poppy seeds’

Best Documentary Film

‘The return, life after ISIS’

‘Heroes: silence and rock and roll’

‘Who is preventing it?’

‘A blues for Tehran’

Best Editing

‘Below zero’

‘The good boss’



Best Direction of Photography

‘The good boss’


‘Parallel mothers’


Best Original Music

Celtia montes, for ‘The good patron’

Fatima Al, for ‘The Grandmother’

Alberto Iglesias, for ‘Maixabel’

Arnau Bataller, for ‘Mediterranean’

Best Original Song

‘Burst out’, from ‘Postwar Album’

‘Let them look for me inside’, from ‘El Cover’

‘The laws of the border’, from ‘The laws of the border’

‘The sea awaits you’, from ‘Mediterranean’

Best artistic direction

‘The good boss’

‘The laws of the border’

‘Parallel mothers’


Best Costume Design

‘Love in its place’

‘The good boss’

‘The laws of the border’


Make-up and / or hairdresser

‘The good boss’

‘The laws of the border’

‘Libertad’ (by Enrique Urbizu)


Better sound

‘The good boss’

‘Parallel mothers’



Best Production Direction

‘Love in its place’

‘The good boss’



Best special effects

‘The good boss’

‘The grandmother’


‘Way Down’

Best animated film

‘Gora Automatikoa’


‘Save the tree’


Best fiction short film



‘Totem Wolf’

‘We vote’

‘And beyond’

Best Documentary Short Film

‘Dakhla, cinema and oblivion’




Best Animated Short Film


‘Selection process’

‘The Monkey’



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