Goya Awards 2022 - Goya Awards 2022: 'The good boss', favorite for the readers of elDiario.es

The readers of elDiario.es have spoken (in reality, they have voted) and have overwhelmingly elected (60%) the good boss, Fernando León de Aranoa's film about the relationship between a businessman and his employees, as his favorite to win the Goya award for Best Film. Here we explain where to watch the movie. The next in number of votes is maixabel (23%), followed by parallel mothers (9%)Mediterranean (5%) and Liberty (3%).

The Goyas start with a false rivalry between Almodóvar and 'The good boss'

The Goyas start with a false rivalry between Almodóvar and 'The good boss'

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However, despite being the last in this category, the director of Liberty, Clara Roquet, is placed as favorite (38%) in the Novice Director category. Although closely followed by David Martín with life was that (32%), Carol Rodriguez with girls (23%) and Javier Marco with Josephine (7%). the path of Spanish cinema of the near future is marked by these directors and directors.

The poll, which has received more than a thousand votes, has also placed Fernando León de Aranoa at the head of the preferences in the Goya for Best Direction, with 46%. the next would be Iciar Bollain for maixabel (38%), followed by Pedro Almodovar (13%) for parallel mothers and, finally, Manuel Martín Cuenca for The daughter.

The performers our readers admire

Among the actresses, the readers of elDiario.es have two clear favourites: Blanca Portillo for her role as Maixabel in the film of the same name by Bollain (59%) in the leading role as the widow of the first ETA victim who agreed to meet her husband's killersand Aitana Sánchez Gijón (43%) in her role in parallel mothers in her supporting role as the "apolitical" mother with no maternal instincts.

In the masculine interpretation group, Javier Bardem is the favorite, by far, with respect to his companions, with 75% of the votes for his interpretation of Julio Blanco, an industrialist who manufactures scales. Luis Tosar watches him, second, from a distance (13%) for his role as ETA member Ibon Etxezarreta in Maixabel. The supporting actors have been more evenly matched, with Urko Olazabal prevailing for maixabel with 35%.

other favorite movies

Within the documentary film section, there are two winners for our readers, with little difference one from the other: who prevents it, from Jonas Truebais slightly imposed with 35% to Life after ISIS of Albora Sotorra, with 31%.

Finally, among European films, the Danish Another round from Thomas Vinterberg (The hunt, Celebration) is preferred, with 55% of the votes.

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