Goya Awards 2019: when and where to see the gala | Culture

Goya Awards 2019: when and where to see the gala | Culture

The Goya Awards they change the scenario in 2019 and they travel to Seville for the first time, where the highlights of Spanish cinema will meet to shine with their own light in the 33rd edition of the event. The Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses (Fibes) of the Seville capital is the place chosen to celebrate the gala of delivery of the Goya 2019 next Saturday, February 2. At stake, 28 cabezones – as the statuettes with the bust of the famous maño painter who give themselves to the winners are affectionately known – that began to be more than a dream since the reading of nominations of the past December 12.

Between the favorite movies to achieve that dream, the best valued recognition of our industry and showcase for the rest of the world, comedy Champions by Javier Fesser, which has 11 candidacies; the thriller of the also candidate for an Oscar Rodrigo Sorogoyen, The kingdom, with 13; the drama Carmen and Lola, directed by Arantxa Echevarría and candidate for eight awards or the film starring Penelope Cruz, Everybody knows, also with eight. To them, of course, the almighty Rome by Alfonso Cuarón, able even to drive the first Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers in the United States.

With all these cards on the table and the experience of the previous 32 editions, the Goya 2019 ceremony on Saturday promises to be full of emotion, demands, humor and cinematic glamor. But there is something else we should know about the big festival of home cinema? Here are some keys to keep track of the gala from the Sevillian Fibes:

At what time does the Goya 2019 Awards begin?

As usual, the Goya ceremony will start with the parade of actors, directors and other known faces of our cinema strolling the red carpet and wearing a smile, nerves and looks. In the Goya 2019 of the Film Academy of Spain, this parade will start at 7:50 p.m. and it will end around 9:00 p.m. of Saturday. Then, when everyone has already gone through the photocall of the Fibes, the gala will start at 10pm.

Who will present the gala of the Goya in Seville?

After the ceremony last year, in which Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla sweated every second on stage to please attendees and viewers with a humor that in no issue seems to fit at all, it is the turn for the couple of comedians formed by Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril. She also claims to present the gala at the request of the deceased Yvonne Blake.

Who will be the Goya of honor this year?

Probably one of the most emotional moments of each ceremony of the Goya, the delivery of Goya of honor of 2019 will have as protagonist Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, one of the most charismatic Spanish scriptwriters and directors, creator, not only of One two Three and of Stories for not sleeping, but of movies like The residence or Who can kill a child?

Where can the Goya 2019 be seen live?

See live this year's Goya gala has no mysteries. It can be seen in La 1 of TVE and online on the website of rtve.es. Also, in the EL PAÍS website We will tell you at once everything that happens during the awards ceremony at the Sevillian Fibes.


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