Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Gowe and Social Car break into the VTC sector in Barcelona

Gowe y Social Car irrumpen en el sector de las VTC en Barcelona

The struggle between the sector of cab and the licenses VTC led the Generalitat to approve regulations to limit the service of these private transport companies. Its impact, however, has not slowed the expansion of the sector, which will have two new additions in Barcelona: those of Gowe Y Social Car.

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According to Servimedia, both companies will start operating in Barcelona in accordance with the new legal framework and expect to have between 200 and 300 vehicles. The success of its landing in the Catalan capital will determine its possible expansion by the rest of the communities and whether they will be included in the list of direct competitors of the multinationals Uber and Cabify.

Both companies plan to have between 200 and 300 vehicles

The decree approved by the Generalitat contemplated a series of regulatory measures, among which was the hiring of the services of the VTC with a minimum advance of 15 minutes.

After its entry into force on 1 February, Uber opted to stop operating in Barcelona. So did Cabify, although only temporarily. The platform announced that it returned to provide its services in the Catalan capital, however, with a substantial reduction in its volume of vehicles.

Both Social Car and Gowe point out that their entry into the VTC sector means moving forward in the creation of mobility platforms that are committed to innovation. The first, from the venture capital fund Cabiedes & Partners, has indicated that it will not operate with its own vehicles. The second, developed by entrepreneurs like Jordi Marzal, will have its own fleet.

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