Government, Xunta and unions agree to work for "effective" sale of Alcoa

Alcoa did not appear at the multilateral table convened by the central government yesterday afternoon Wednesday to try to unblock the situation of the San Cibrao plant, for which the multinational and the works council have not reached an agreement after the end of the consultation period of the employment regulation file that affects 534 workers.

Industry brings together all parties urgently due to the lack of agreement on the Alcoa plant

Industry urgently gathers all parties in the absence of agreement on the Alcoa plant

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The Ministry of Industry, Xunta and unions - CC.OO., UGT and CIG - opted for the sale of the factory as a solution to maintain employment in a joint statement that was issued at the end of the meeting by videoconference. In it, they show their "commitment to continue working from the unit" so that the purchase and sale process of the Alcoa San Cibrao plant "has the necessary certainties" to be carried out. "All the parties understand that this is the best way to guarantee the maintenance of both industrial activity and jobs in the A Mariña region," they affirm in writing.

After about 30 hours of meeting between Tuesday and Wednesday, Alcoa management and the works council did not reach an agreement on the collective dismissal. The deadline for preliminary negotiations expired this past Wednesday and the minutes of the talks for this consultation period have not even been signed. Both parties continue today with the meeting. The point that separates both parties is the situation of the production vats, which the company wants to stop and which the committee opposes.

Meanwhile, the Xunta has warned the company that it may incur in law fraud if it does not give up the ERE and sits down to negotiate with the industrial partner.

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