Government will send to Brussels more information on budgets, according to El País

Government will send to Brussels more information on budgets, according to El País

The Government of Spain has pledged this Friday to send to the European Commission (EC) more information about the draft budgets, such as the impact that the rise to 900 euros of the minimum interprofessional salary will have on the State's accounts, as published today. Country in its digital edition.

This commitment, the newspaper reports, is included in a letter sent by the Government of Pedro Sánchez to the EC in response to another letter that the Commission sent yesterday Friday.

In that letter, the EC warned the central executive that there could be a risk of Spain deviating from the structural adjustment required by Brussels in 2019, and asked for more information on the measures included in the draft budget that sent it on Monday .

In the letter sent by the Spanish Government answers to three specific points raised by the Director General of Economic and Financial Affairs of the EC, Marco Buti: spending, structural adjustment and debt.

Thus, the Government affirms that the adjustment included in the budget proposal is the "greatest structural effort" that will have been implemented in Spain since 2013 and recalls that it is within the margins of flexibility foreseen in the Stability and Growth Pact.

In the letter, which is signed by the Secretary General of the Treasury and Financial Policy, Carlos San Basilio, it is guaranteed that the Ministry of Economy will send to Brussels all the information that it has in its hand, data are provided on the preliminary projects presented yesterday and the feasibility of reducing the deficit and debt paths is argued, according to El País.

In addition, the Government recalls that the adjustment of 0.4% of the Gross Domestic Product is within "the margin of flexibility allowed" and also says that "it is the greatest structural effort" that will have been made in Spain since 2013.

The central executive also offers to give Brussels more information on other measures of spending and income and reiterates the "commitment" of Spain with the Stability and Growth Pact.


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