Government wants clarification of cases of pedophilia committed by the Church

Government wants clarification of cases of pedophilia committed by the Church

The Government wants to clarify all crimes of sexual abuse of minors that have occurred within the Catholic Church in Spain for the "serious" impact they have had on the victims.

The government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, said at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, in which he expressed the solidarity of the Executive with all victims of abuse.

"All crimes are disgusting and pedophilia is even more so and the place where it is supposedly produced makes it even more disgusting," Celaá said after being asked if the government is going to commission a report on the abuses of the Catholic church requesting data from the Spanish Episcopal Conference.

"With all due respect to the Church, which is an institution, and to Catholics and Catholics, we have to say that we really want to clarify and clarify all the crimes that have occurred because of the serious repercussions they have had on the victims". affirmed

Celaá has pointed out, however, that it is not up to the Government to prosecute the crime, but to the courts "and therefore it will be the courts of justice that have to do that work".

Last Tuesday, the Spanish Catholic Church announced that it will constitute a commission that will draft a new regulation for the prevention and protection against sexual abuse of minors within this institution and that will review its protocols of action in these cases.

The new norms will replace the action protocols elaborated in 2010 according to the Spanish legislation and the canonical ordinance that guide bishops, priests, religious and ecclesiastical institutions on how to proceed in case of detecting aggressions or sexual abuse committed with minors or possession of pornography child, among other assumptions.

The creation of this commission has been surrounded by controversy, since at the head of it will be the Bishop of Astorga, Juan Antonio Menéndez Fernández, who was harshly criticized for his performance in a case of sexual abuse that occurred in his diocese.


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