Government processes new tax measures and TC appeal for the King's failing

Government processes new tax measures and TC appeal for the King's failing

The Council of Ministers will approve today the preliminary bills that will regulate the new tax on financial transactions, the tax on certain digital services and the measures to reinforce the fight against fraud, and will initiate the procedure to resort to the TC the reprobation of the King by the Parlament

since the head of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez, is in Brussels participating in the summit of the leaders of the EU and Asia.

All the ministers will be present at that meeting in the Moncloa Palace except the Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, who is attending in Antigua (Guatemala) the X Conference of Ministers of their area of ​​the Ibero-American countries.

The three preliminary bills that include new fiscal measures are part of the budget plan that will include the State's accounts for 2019 and that has been agreed by the Government with Unidos Podemos.

As already advanced in the agreement and included in the budget project sent to Brussels, the regulation that regulates the new tax on digital services will include a 3% tax that will be applied to technological multinationals that bill 3 million euros in Spain and 750 million in the rest of the world.

The regulation of the financial transactions tax will include a rate of 0.2% for the purchase and sale operations of Spanish shares of companies with a market capitalization exceeding 1,000 million.

For its part, the law against fraud will limit the use of cash to 1,000 euros for payments between companies and professionals, without affecting payments between individuals.

The list of defaulters with the Tax Agency will be reinforced, the possibility of making tax amnesties in the future will be expressly prohibited and the list of tax havens will be expanded to include those countries that do not maintain minimum fiscal standards.

The Government will also request an opinion from the Council of State today to present an appeal before the Constitutional Court against the reprobation of the King approved last October 11 by the Parliament of Catalonia.

The resolution, presented by Catalonia in Comú Podem and approved with the support of Junts per Catalunya and ERC, condemns the King's position in the "Catalan conflict", as well as what he considers the police's "justification of violence" on 1- Or, and advocates the abolition of the monarchical institution, which the Parlament calls "obsolete and undemocratic".

The Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, announced on Tuesday that the Council of Ministers would propose a recourse to the TC because an autonomous parliament can not "try to trace the State form of this country" and, although the resolution "does not make any legal sense, Yes, you have to have a political response. "

The Council of Ministers will also appoint today the former vice-president of the Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría as an elective state councilor.

Likewise, the territory of Llevant de Mallorca, affected a week ago by heavy rains that caused floods that caused thirteen deaths, will declare a catastrophic area.


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