Government partners link the Melilla massacre with the turn of Spanish policy on Morocco

Some of the main parliamentary partners of the Government have linked this Tuesday the massacre at the Melilla fence last Fridaywhere according to different NGOs 37 people died, with the shift undertaken by Pedro Sánchez in the relationship with Morocco and the assumption of the Moroccan framework on Western Sahara.

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The PNV spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban, assured at a press conference that what happened is "a consequence of the Government's international policy." “Algeria is not controlling the borders and a decision entails facts”, he has pointed out. “You can't say it's a good job. It is shameful. The images are not acceptable”, he added, thus censoring Sánchez's words. The Government, in his opinion, "will have to talk to Morocco so that it does not happen again."

“Given the violent police action and serious human rights violations in Melilla, we demand an independent investigation to clarify the facts. Our resounding rejection of the current policies of migration and solidarity with the victims and their families”, they have expressed, from EH Bildu.

More forcefully, the spokesman for Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has considered that the images of the massacre “are horrifying”. “We have been able to take in almost 175,000 war refugees from Ukraine and now there are 37 killed. Human rights do not depend on the color of the skin”, he added. He has considered that the Government "subcontracts violence and deaths to the Moroccan monarchy."

“Lack of empathy and humanity”

Also Joan Baldoví, from Compromís, has shown his "shock" at what happened and has denounced the Government's "lack of empathy and humanity" for the statements made by Pedro Sánchez and the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles. "To say that it is a well resolved issue when 23 people have died is still sarcasm," he assured. From the BNG, his spokesperson in Congress, Néstor Rego, has accused the Government of “outsourcing violence” and “outsourcing repression” due to its agreement with Morocco. He has requested a “rectification” from the Executive on immigration matters because “if not”, he added, his group will ask for resignations.

The spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, has pointed out, for his part, that "any Democrat has to feel horrified when he sees the images" of Friday. He has announced that at the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons, his group will ask the Plenary of the Lower House to observe a minute of silence for those who died on Friday at the Melilla fence

The objective of that minute of silence would be, according to Echenique, "to show the mourning of popular sovereignty for those people who died at the gates" of the Spanish border. "It is a matter of humanity that our country mourns these people," he added. He has also stated that he is "sure" that members of the government will appear in Congress "at their own request" to explain what happened.

And he regretted that there is talk of "violent jump when there has been no investigation" and mention of "mafias". “We don't know what mafias they are, what operations are being put in place against these mafias. We have to investigate what has happened and Spain has to be at the forefront of human rights”, she emphasized. “This goes beyond any agreement on migration that could have been established with Morocco. There cannot be a migratory agreement in which it is accepted as normal that 37 people die on our borders”, he settled.

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