Government partners demand measures after the visit of the king emeritus

The return to Spain in a leisure trip starring the king emeritus has generated a wave of disappointment both in the forces of the progressive government and in its parliamentary partners who this Tuesday, a day after Juan Carlos I has returned to Abu Dhabi, have proposed new initiatives to end or limit the inviolability of the king, with the aim of putting an end to the "impunity" that, as they denounce, marks the activity of the Royal House.

Whitewash the king emeritus

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The spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has called the monarch's visit "shameful". “What reveals the fact that the Spaniards can be laughed at is that this inviolability is still valid for Felipe VI and for his daughter if she comes to reign at some point. It is a structural problem of democracy and evidence that from the crown it is possible to commit crimes without criminal reproach”, he has denounced.

Everything that surrounds Juan Carlos I means, in his opinion, that the Spanish are not “equal before the law”. “The way for us to be equal is the Republic. It is not a matter of which king is better or worse, where he lives or does not live, if he goes to races or not. It is a much deeper issue, it is the culture of the principle of equality of all Spaniards before the law”, he stated. In his opinion, "the only way to recover equality is called a Republic."

From Más País, for its part, they have announced the registration of a bill that Íñigo Errejón's party considers would not require a constitutional reform, to establish that "the inviolability of the king or queen will exclusively reach acts that need of endorsement”, that is, that this inviolability is limited to its official acts protected by the Government. As Errejón explained at a press conference, "if Felipe VI is a monarchist, he should be interested in a monarchy that is not ashamed."

In fact, he has considered that "the national shame" that the return to Spain of the emeritus king has generated "happens because there are no institutional mechanisms of control or accountability of the monarchy."

A "republican factory"

Previously, the ERC spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, has denounced that the attitude of the emeritus king during his trip has been "shameful" by "walking around with impunity". In his opinion, there are even "many monarchist people" who are "ashamed" to see the emeritus "getting the hell out of people from an Audi." For Rufián, Juan Carlos I is "the best Republican in this country" for what he has considered that he "is doing an extraordinary job."

Regarding the possibility that the king emeritus establishes his residence in Spain, one option opened on Monday by the Royal House through a statement, Rufián has considered that he could do it although he has asked him that, if he finally adopts that decision, "he will look for a rental". He has told PSOE and United We Can, the allies of the Government, that they have "the Official State Gazette every Tuesday" to take measures to deal with the impunity of the Royal House.

Mertxe Aizpurua, the spokeswoman for EH Bildu, has also considered that the visit of the king emeritus has been an "embarrassing and absurd" spectacle for constituting an "insulting money laundering campaign for citizens" and has challenged the PSOE and the Government, if so They are "annoyed" to allow Congress to investigate, to take away the title of emeritus and to suppress its inviolability.

The Compromís spokesperson, Joan Baldoví, has reproached the PSOE for continuing to "save" the king emeritus by repeatedly rejecting, through the Congress Table, that the Lower House launch an investigation commission on the Juan Juan scandals. Carlos I. Like Rufián, he has also considered that the king emeritus has become a "factory of republicans" and has expressed his desire that it continue like this "let's see if once and for all", Spain "gets rid of the monarchy".

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