Government parties and their partners see an “advance” in the gesture of the nationalist left with the victims of ETA

PSOE and United We Can, the two allies of the coalition government, have valued this Monday very positively the statement made by the leader of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, and that of Sortu, Arkaitz Rodríguez, in which they have apologized “from the heart” to the victims of ETA terrorism and have assured that their suffering due to the gang’s action “should never have occurred”.

The new Euskadi freed from ETA terrorism turns ten years old: "It has been a breath of fresh air in Basque society"

The new Euskadi freed from ETA terrorism turns ten: “It has been a breath of fresh air in Basque society”

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“For the first time there is a public recognition of the abertzale left of the victims of violence”, has expressed the socialist Patxi López in a press conference in Ferraz in which he recalled that “three years ago” ETA made a statement “detestable “in which he made” distinction of the victims “when speaking of” collaterals “. “We know what it costs in that world for progress to be made and this is one that we have been waiting for years,” said López, who was Lehendakari at the time when the ETA violence ended.

“It was what we Democrats asked for a long time,” said López, who has anticipated that the PP will say that “it is useless.” López recalled that for ten years in the Basque Country they have lived in freedom due to small things such as the fact that councilors can go by bus, through areas that were previously “forbidden” or not having to look at the underside of cars. “There are those who say that in Euskadi we do not live free. It is an indicent and immoral thing that is to use terrorism against the socialist government. We would never do it. We have shared a trench in Euskadi. We know what it has cost to end terrorism, I don’t know You can play with this “, he has sentenced.

“Surely they will say that it is useless, but those of us who have lived through it and suffered through it know that it is useful and that it is an advance,” said López, who has assured that advances of this type “cost a congo.” The new spokesman for the Socialist Executive, Felipe Sicilia, who opened this Monday, has spoken in the same direction by ensuring that the Otegi statement is a “turning point.”

The socialist lehendakari has also charged against those of Pablo Casado for questioning that the Government reach agreements with EH Bildu: “Rubalcaba said it better than anyone: either bombs or votes. Now they have the political representation that gives them the votes. With that representation politics, we talk to see if we can solve problems. ” “That they give us lessons on this has noses,” López complained after recalling that the current PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, reached agreements with EH Bildu in the Vitoria City Council and “wanted to give them lessons.”

Belarra: “It is an unprecedented step”

The Secretary General of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has considered, for her part, that today the nationalist left “has taken an unprecedented step, putting the pain of the victims of ETA at the center, recognizing that it should never have occurred. and that peaceful ways are the only possible way. ” In a tweet, Belarra has considered that it is “the obligation of the democrats to recognize the step.”

In the same vein, the spokesperson for United We Can, Isa Serra, spoke at a press conference, assuring that “the statement that has been made public is progress, along the same path that society launched, which continues to allow that in our country we advance along the path of peace and dialogue. ” “It is important to recognize this step”, has settled, informs Laura Galaup.

“Ten years after ETA laid down its arms, the nationalist left today has taken a very important step by saying that the suffering of the victims should never have occurred and that democratic means are the only way. Recognizing it is a matter of justice and of sense of State, “added, for his part, in another tweet, the former vice president of the Government and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

Regular partners of the Executive such as ERC have also spoken about it. His spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián, has assured the following, in another tweet: “The reactions to this will not make you distinguish between good or bad politicians or between good or bad journalists. It will make you distinguish between good or bad people. . Today is a great day”.

Joan Baldoví, from Compromís, has defined the gesture of the Abertzale left from the same social network, considering it “an important step to begin to heal the wounds of the Basque conflict”. “Today should open a new period with more dialogue between those who think differently and with democratic solutions to democratic problems,” he stressed. It has also been described as “an important and necessary step” by the spokesperson for Más País in Congress, Íñigo Errejón.

Among ETA’s victims, Maria Jauregi, daughter of Juan Mari Jauregi, former civil governor of Gipuzkoa, who was assassinated by the terrorist gang in 2000, has spoken. “Another giant step in favor of coexistence. Thank you very much indeed”. sentenced through Twitter.

The PP rejects the gesture

On the other hand, leaders and referents of the PP have come out in a rush to attack the gesture of the nationalist left. Organization secretary, Ana Beltrán, has said on Twitter that Otegi is “a scourge for democracy”, while deputy Mari Mar Blanco, Miguel Ángel Blanco’s sister, has told the Bildu coordinator: “Don’t feel so much and start condemning each one of the murders that you applauded. ”

“Begin to confess who were the perpetrators of the 379 crimes that remain unsolved, stop paying homages to ETA and condemn ETA’s terrorism once and for all,” said Teresa Jiménez-Becerril, also the sister of another assassinated deputy. by the terrorist gang.

Also the leader of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, has attacked the Declaration. “The thing about Otegi is a macabre joke,” he said, to conclude: “He laughs at the victims.”


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