May 31, 2020

Government measures are tailored to the specificity of the cultural sector

The new Royal Decree approved this Tuesday by the Government establishes new economic and social protection measures that adapt to the specificities of the cultural sector, such as the high variability or seasonality of employment or a direct relationship with specific events or shows.

As the Ministry of Culture has pointed out, the measures aimed at meeting the specificities of the cultural sector adopted today in the Council of Ministers affect both the ERTE and the extraordinary provision for cessation of activity for the self-employed.

In this sense, Culture points out, the commitment to maintaining employment established in this new Royal Decree-Law of extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19 will be valued based on the specific characteristics of the different sectors and applicable labor regulations.

And for this, it will take into account, “in particular”, the specificities of those companies that present a high variability or seasonality of employment or a direct relationship with specific events or shows, as happens, among others, in the field of performing arts , musicals, literary creation, cinematography and audiovisuals.

Thus, in the case of temporary contracts, the commitment to maintain a subsequent contract of six months “shall not be deemed breached when the contract is terminated because the agreed time has expired or the work or service for which it is contracted has been completed, and even when the activity contracted cannot be carried out immediately “.

“All casuistry that, by way of example, usually happens both in film shoots and in stage or musical montages”, nuances Culture.

As for the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity for the self-employed, in the field of cultural activities the period to be taken into account is extended to demonstrate the reduction in income from six months to one year.

This is intended to cover cultural professions that tend to be discontinuous and, in many cases, seasonal.

In addition, within the priority framework of the fight against a global pandemic, in which the Government works “to extend a social protection network”, the Ministry of Culture and Sport intends, they added, that the cultural and sports sector “should also be covered and protected, from the government’s commitment not to leave anyone behind. “

In this sense, they affirm, among the new general measures, and therefore also applicable in the cultural sector, measures are adopted aimed at facilitating the granting of aid by public administrations, as well as extending the deadlines for the execution of the already granted and their justification, “which will contribute to providing liquidity to the sector”.

Also noteworthy from Culture are the extension of the mortgage moratorium to buildings affected by economic and professional activity, the postponement of the payment of Social Security fees, the possibility of modifying and suspending the payment of electricity and natural gas bills by self-employed workers and SMEs or the establishment of an exceptional unemployment benefit by the end of a temporary contract.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, based on the proposals submitted by the cultural sector, has also explained that it is working on various lines of action.

On the one hand, it works to extend the deadlines for the execution and justification of the aid and subsidies granted and to implement the aid for 2020.

And it also wants to carry out the “reprogramming” by INAEM of the functions canceled in the national theaters, and the search for formulas to fully support the professional fabric of the performing and musical arts.

A measure that will be made by agreeing the call for aid with the autonomous communities, representatives of the different sectors and local entities or the development of a plan by the ICAA that can cushion the impact of the stoppage of filming and productions, of the closure of movie theaters and the cancellation or postponement of film festivals. “


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