August 1, 2021

Government and We can agree to raise spending on science by 6.7% | Science

Government and We can agree to raise spending on science by 6.7% | Science

The budget agreement reached between the Government and Podemos contemplates a rise in the items dedicated to Research Development and Civil Innovation (R + D + i) of 6.7%. In absolute terms, the increase will be 273 million euros more than what was dedicated this year.

"In Spain there is a lot of talent and professionalism" in the field of scientific research, "but it has been bordered by the devaluation of these policies that we have witnessed in times of crisis", highlights the document, to which he has had access Matter, and adds that "it is key to recover the lost years in terms of R & D & I".

It is a global item of 273 million, comprising an item for state-level R & D + i projects of 85 million more than the 393.7 in 2018.

There is also a commitment to increase 300 predoctoral grants and reconvene another 300 postdoctoral contracts, "increasing the contracts of researchers progressively and in essential stages for the science system."

The agreement includes "a shock plan for the recovery of personnel lost because of the cuts" which will be endowed with 39 million euros for public research organizations (OPI) and a total of 26 million for universities and public bodies of investigation of autonomic scope, according to the personnel that have lost since 2008. This plan includes "relaxing" the limits to the hiring of personnel arriving at replacement rates superiors to 100% if it is necessary.

Lastly, the signatories undertake to develop the Statute of Researching Personnel in Training, incorporating the claims of the groups of predoctoral researchers, in particular those related to the minimum wage, the compensation at the end of the contract, recognition in the collective agreements of their institutions according to their training and excellence, as well as teaching obligations that allow them to obtain useful experience in their careers without damaging their research times.


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