Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Government and unions sign salary improvements for the workforce - La Provincia

Government and unions sign salary improvements for the workforce - La Provincia

TheMinistry of Public Functionand the unions signed yesterday, 53 days before the elections, the IV sole agreement for the labor personnel of the General State Administration, which sets general remuneration improvements and a minimum salary of 1,136 euros per month this year for theseworkers, as well as the agreement on the additional funds, with which part of theSalary increase, which will mean 280 euros per year (20 euros more per month) with effect from January 1, 2018.

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In the act of signing the agreement, the ministerMeritxell BatetHe highlighted the will to reach agreements of the unions and the improvement of labor rights and wages that is achieved with the agreement, renewed after 10 years, and that will affect more than 40,000 workers.

The agreement supposes a salary increase for the workers integrated in the professional groups with lower remunerations, that will be financed with the additional funds approved for the years 2018 and 2019.

Specifically, an average increase of 5.5% is approved for all the salary tables of the labor of the State Administration, including the 2.25% general increase of the officers of this year and the additional funds of 280 euros per year (20 euros per month), according to the unions.

Thus, the minimum wage of the workforce, around 10,000 workers, will rise by 9.36% this year, which together with the 2.25% general increase reaches 11.6%, to reach 1,136 euros. However, for newly hired staff, the minimum salary will be 1,070 euros per month.

Minister Batet also signed on Monday the agreement to distribute the additional funds with CC.OO., UGT and USO, since this agreement has not been added CSIF, and will serve to finance part of the salary increase of the salaries more downs of the workforce and to improve the complement of destiny of the personnel dedicated to the attention to the citizen.

It will also serve to reclassify workers in penitentiary institutions, around 12,800 personnel who will go from levels 15 to 16 and from 23 to 24. In total, the two agreements of the IV single agreement and additional funds will improve the employment situation of More than 130,000 workers of the General State Administration, underlined Batet. The cost of both reaches 45 million euros.

With the II Agreement for the Improvement ofjobPublic and Working Conditions it was agreed that the administrations could allocate, after negotiation, additional funds, of 0.20% of the wage bill for 2018, 0.25% for 2019 and 0.30% for 2020.

The amount of additional funds for the period 2018-2019 amounts to 32.2 million euros. The law of PGE 2018 authorized 0.20% of the wage bill, 14.2 million euros, for the purposes established in the agreement with the unions, and the royal decree of December of last year of urgent measures in matters of remuneration. in the public sector it allocated 0.25% for this year (18 million euros).


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