May 18, 2021

Government and unions sign an agreement to improve the management of the SS

Government and unions sign an agreement to improve the management of the SS

The Government and the trade unions have reached an agreement to reorganize the different management entities and bodies of the Social Security under a single structure, with the aim of improving and guaranteeing the sustainability of the system in the medium and long term, which will come into force on 1 January.

The agreement, signed on November 29 by the Ministry of Labor and the trade unions CSIF, CCOO, UGT, CIG and ELA, aims to draw a new organization of the administration of Social Security, which encompasses the management entities and services common in the same structure.

These include, among others, the National Institute of Social Security, the Social Institute of the Navy, the IMSERSO, the General Treasury of the Social Security or the legal services.

To reorder and rationalize the human resources available, the regulation of productivity has been revised for compliance with objectives in force since 1998, taking into account the increasing work load borne by the corresponding personnel.

Among other novelties, stable call bases are established with a minimum duration of four years, and the transfer of personnel between management entities and common services will be encouraged.

With regard to the prevention of occupational hazards, preventive policies and medical examinations will be standardized, with the idea of ​​creating Health and Safety committees and in 2019 a contest to fill vacancies.

The agreement also includes improving training policies and internal promotion.

Among the unions signing the agreement, CSIF reminds that the proposal is still pending development in the framework of the Social Security Board, but values ​​its implementation because it will allow negotiating a new list of jobs and reordering the templates.

In short, adds the union, "strengthen the human resources of a fundamental entity of our welfare state," whose situation is unsustainable "because of the aging of staff and a pressing lack of personnel."


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