Government and unions approach positions for the opposition of Health - La Provincia

The Government of the Canary Islands and the majority unions within the scope of Health -CC OO, UGT and Cemsatse- have approached positions during the last hours to unblock the 2019 call for competitions (OPE) in the Islands. Of the five points under discussion raised at the sectoral table, the two sides they have reached agreements in four and remain distant in one: the decentralized call for specialist area specialists.

In that position, the unions defend the decentralized call to ensure the stability of health care in the smaller islands. Faced with this approach, the public administration argues the legal certainty of a centralized process. To resolve this knot, the Canary Islands Government and the workers' representatives have set out to look for a third way that satisfies both parties before December 12.

From the last meeting, the Regional Executive and the unions have reached agreements regarding the rules of employment lists - an additional provision would be included in the 2020 budget law with the wording that the union majority proposed; Opposition exam dates -They become estimates and will be altered if an exam date arises in other communities that interest the Canary Islands to match; the extraordinary framing process for temporary and permanent staff –The workers of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS), both fixed and temporary, will be located at the level that really corresponds to them in 2021 at the latest–; Y staff transfers - It will be held at the end of the current transfer contest of this category and will include all the places that have been generated in this time and add all the interinities offered in the current OPE.

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