Government and PP mutually reproach each other for the historic rise in the price of electricity

New accusations between the Government and the main opposition party, this time for the historic rise in the price of electricity, which this Wednesday he will beat his third consecutive record standing, in the wholesale market, at 113.99 euros / MWh. From the PP they ask “where is the social shield” that the Executive presumes to protect the most vulnerable families and accuse Pedro Sánchez’s team of not having “not a single idea that solves the problem of electricity.” The Government, for its part, has blamed the popular executives of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy for the current situation in the energy market.

Large Spanish companies warn of the risks due to the rise in raw materials and energy

Large Spanish companies warn of the risks due to the rise in raw materials and energy

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“One of the most important problems that the Government of Pedro Sánchez encountered when it arrived in Moncloa is that in energy matters not only had the corresponding tasks not been carried out to have a viability and sustainability of the electricity system in the future, but also They had even taken steps in the opposite direction with respect to what had been promoted by previous governments, “said the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, in Los Barrios (Cádiz) this Wednesday, according to the Europa Press agency.

In the opinion of the minister, “if the bet that the Zapatero government made in its day had been continued with the government of Mr. Rajoy, today it would not be witnessing this exorbitant price of energy because it would have already had the capacity to generate renewable energy, store it and distribute it as the Government is working at the moment. ” Montero has insisted, therefore, that “it would not have been necessary for other sources of energy such as coal to enter the electricity chain, which is what is causing a higher increase because alternative energy production would have already been a reality” .

The Government maintains that “the PP sent a dissuasive message to the investment sector” and has considered that “it does not make any sense” for the PP to “ask for explanations” from the Government because “from the first day the changes are being promoted” that popular executives “They had to undertake so that the price of energy, in the short and medium term, is sustainable for homes and for industry.” He has also affirmed that “the system for the protection of the vulnerable, the Energy Bonus, is allowing that supply cuts are not caused to vulnerable families and, therefore, that this basic good is felt as such by a large part of the citizens from this country”.

Just a few hours before, in a interview at RNE, the deputy secretary of Social Policy of the PP, Ana Pastor, had asked the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to pronounce on the rise in the electricity bill, considering “something will have to say” the head of the Executive, although he trusted that as happened with the so-called “energy winter” this time “do not say that the fault lies with the PP. In his opinion,” it is not acceptable that the Government, which was not going to leave anyone behind, is on vacation and that the The price of electricity has tripled in a year. “That is why he has asked” where is the social shield? “of which the Executive presumes, which he has asked to” show his face. ”

Pastor has warned that the rising cost of electricity affects the most vulnerable people with fewer resources and also companies, since their competitiveness “is directly related” to the cost of energy. Along these lines, he recalled what the now members of the Government said when they were in the opposition and the bill rose 3% while the PP ruled. “Now it triples and nothing happens,” he lamented.


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