July 7, 2020

Government and PP approach positions on the conclusions in Health and the EU, but there is a distance in the economy

The commission created in Congress to discuss solutions to speed up the way out of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic agreed to subdivide into four working groups related to Health, Social Policy, Economy and the European Union.

This Wednesday there will be a first round of voting in each of those groups, where the drafts presented by the PSOE and United Podemos will face the opposition’s amendments, but the final discussion will take place on Friday in the plenary session of the commission that President Patxi López.

Regarding Health and Public Health, the representative of the PP, the former minister Ana Pastor, has been offering what she calls “the Cajal Pact” for health, although they also demand that the Government accept the recognition of their “erroneous management” of the crisis .

Regarding the European Union, there is also the possibility of closing an agreement, which would be a reissue of the commitments that the Socialist groups make. Popular and Liberal maintain in Brussels. The PP has always demanded budgetary control, but the text of the PSOE and United We Can already talks about recovering the Stability Pact as soon as the coronavirus crisis is overcome.

Both the Government and the PP have expressed these days their willingness to seek consensus after weeks of presentations and to listen to dozens of those appearing in the Reconstruction Commission. Both parties already held a meeting last Wednesday and exchanged their respective conclusions.


The positions are more distant around economic recipes, since the PP insists on rejecting tax increases, and in matters of social policy, which is the area that Podemos leads in the government with Vice President Pablo Iglesias, whose management is censored openly from the ‘popular’ ranks.

For the conclusions of these two working groups, the PSOE is more inclined to seek agreements with Citizens and with the PNV, with whom they hold parallel negotiations.

What is not agreed on Wednesday, may continue to be negotiated for the votes on Friday, since the amendments rejected in the working groups will still remain alive for the debate of the Commission two days later.


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