Government and PP agree that Ángel Gabilondo is the new ombudsman

The Government and the PP have reached an agreement to appoint the former Minister of Education Ángel Gabilondo as the new Ombudsman, as confirmed by The designation has been unlocked after the reopening of negotiations between PSOE and PP for the renewal of all constitutional bodies, except the Judiciary.

The PSOE shows the door to Gabilondo

The PSOE shows the door to Gabilondo

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Gabilondo was the socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid in the last regional elections, but after the debacle of his party in those elections, he decided to renounce the act.

The Ombudsman’s Office remained in office since 2017, due to the change of Government and the subsequent refusal of the PP to reach an agreement that would allow the renewal. For the appointment to go ahead, the endorsement of Congress and the Senate with a qualified majority of three fifths is necessary.

The agreement now reached between the Executive and the opposition also extends to the Constitutional Court, the Accounts Court and the Data Protection Agency, the bodies that the popular ones opened to negotiate last week. Both the PSOE and the PP are willing to continue talking about the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary when the negotiation of these constitutional bodies culminates, although the popular ones do not move from their demand for a reform to modify the election method and that the magistrates directly elect the majority of the members, something that the Government rejects.

Those of Casado maintained their refusal to sit down to negotiate the unblocking of the organs until Wednesday of last week, when at the parliamentary headquarters, the leader of the PP extended his hand to Pedro Sánchez for the renewal of all the institutions except the Judicial Power. From there, a negotiation began that was closed in a few hours, because, as both parties recognized, it was already well advanced since the last time they sat down to speak, in February of this year.

“After the conversations between the Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Félix Bolaños, and the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, this morning, the Socialist Party and the Popular Party have reached an agreement that will allow the renewal of the Constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts, the Ombudsman and the Data Protection Agency, “Moncloa reported in a statement.

However, that day the names that would occupy the positions were not closed, a consensus that was finally reached this Tuesday, with the name of Gabilondo for the Ombudsman’s Office, while those who will occupy the rest of the positions will be known throughout the day.


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