Government and autonomies face each other today in the Senate due to the pandemic

The Government and the autonomies are seen today in the Senate on account of the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a session of the General Commission of Autonomous Communities that the PP proposed, supported the PNV and to which they only go Five autonomous presidents will attend, four of them from the PP.

Its celebration, which the PSOE opposed on the understanding that it was not feasible to reunite the 17 autonomies with the alarm state activated, occurs at a time marked by the plan to de-escalate the confinement approved by the Executive and viewed with suspicion by many autonomies, especially those governed by the PP.

The commission is held in a reduced version, since there will be barely a dozen senators instead of the 58 that comprise it, and in it the Government will be represented by the Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias.

On the regional side there will only be five presidents, none of the PSOE, and ten councilors from as many communities, but representation from Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Melilla will be lacking.

The four PP presidents who will participate are Isabel Díaz Ayuso (Madrid), Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León), Fernando López Miras (Murcia) and Juan Jesús Vivas (Ceuta).

The fifth president is from the PRC, the Cantabrian Miguel Ángel Revilla, the first to speak after the minister, who will make a first presentation without a time limit from noon, followed by ten-minute speeches by each speaker.

The autonomous presidents will speak first and then the councilors, and the minister will answer all of them.

In a second part of the debate, the spokespersons of the groups of the Senate will intervene, with the exception of those of ERC and JxCAT, who have decided not to attend; Carolina Darias will also respond.

The Chamber Table has rejected the possibility of holding the commission by videoconference and the interventions of regional senators, who in this case will not be able to speak, have been restricted.

The debate arises with the autonomies of the PP very opposed to the Government for the management of the coronavirus crisis and when there are still many doubts about the application of the de-escalation plan, by phases and at the provincial level, although many communities demand greater prominence to develop it .

On the other hand, the PP has insisted that it should be the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who appears before the autonomies and not the Minister of Territorial Administration.


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