September 21, 2020

Government adopts urgent measures for the organization in Spain of COP25

The Council of Ministers has approved today a royal decree law and a decree law by which urgent measures are adopted for the organization in Spain of the next Climate Summit or COP25, which will take place in Madrid between 2 and 13 December.

On October 31, the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, offered his Chilean counterpart, Sebastián Piñera, to host the 25 Conference of the Parties in Spain after the Andean country resigned from holding the meeting due to internal tensions.

In a press conference following the Council of Ministers, the acting Government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaá, said that "the offer of the Spanish Government was very well received and confirmed by the United Nations in just 24 hours."

For her part, the Minister for the Ecological Transition in operation, Teresa Ribera, has assured that the Government feels "honored" to host this meeting and has defended the decision of the Executive that Chile, which had assumed the organization of the event in substitution from Brazil, I could keep the Presidency.

"I am honored of the role that Spain assumes in this work and our task now is to ensure that it can be celebrated normally and in this we are from the same day 30," said the acting minister.

He has not detailed the final budget that will be allocated to the organization of the Summit, "we are just outlining it with some unknowns that we will clear as soon as possible", although he has clarified that "it will not be the lowest and will be far from approaching the 178 million euros that the Paris Summit cost. "

In this regard, the minister has clarified that "a good part of the sponsorship and the contributions that had been made to Chile are recoverable to be able to invest in Madrid and so we have requested it by letter to the sponsors."

In addition, the Executive has approved a royal decree law that declares this summit as an event of exceptional public interest, so that it can benefit from the specific programs of tax incentives for patronage.

For Ribera, the main feature of this 25 Conference of the Parties (COP for its acronym in English) is that "a change of climate cycle begins – after practically adopting almost all the rules of the Paris Agreement – depending on of the desire of the UN General Secretariat to promote governance that involves public institutions and civil society. "

On the other hand, the minister explained that, "given the limited time frame to complete all the tasks that allow us to be fully effective," it is important to process the emergency provided for in the Public Sector Contract Law, which guarantees the hiring necessary.

He has clarified that this measure "does not create any new contracting mechanism, but declares the exceptionality through the emergency route" and enables the Ministries of Finance and Territorial Policy and Public Function to "adopt the necessary measures to comply with our obligations".

The Government has also approved a royal decree establishing the COP25 Organizing Committee for the planning, organization and execution of the tasks required for its development.

"The fact that this COP is held in Madrid requires maximum cooperation between institutions," said the minister, and for this she is working with the Community of Madrid and the City Council of the capital.

Ribera does not believe that the assistance of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is likely, but he expects that between 15 and 20 heads of state that were already announced in Santiago de Chile will attend the Madrid Summit; "We will have to confirm these days, what we do know is that in the opening session there will be a high level."

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