'Got Talent', 'Your face sounds to me' and 'Research team', in today's 'prime time'

Telecinco broadcasts tonight (22:00 hours) the grand finale of the seventh edition of 'Got Talent Spain'. After 10 Audition galas, four Semifinals and the performances of more than 280 artists chosen from the more than 6,000 who registered for the casting, 12 participants will play the final triumph. Rey Enigma, 6ID and Maxence Vire, the singers Laura Diepstraten, Jorge Pineda and Joao Paulo, the magicians Javi Rufo and Magic Luna, the Teresa Tessier Dance Center, the acrobats Dúo Turkeev and Dog Dancing will compete for the triumph and prize of 25,000 euros . The choice of the winner will fall exclusively on the voting of the public on the set at this gala, which will feature several visits from well-known characters such as Lola Indigo, Jandro and the 16-year-old world chess champion Anatoli Karpov.

'Your face is familiar to me' come back tonight to Antenna 3 with the seventh gala of its ninth edition (10:10 pm). On this occasion, David Fernández will pay tribute to Franco Battiato while María Peláe will play Gloria Trevi. Eva Soriano, for her part, will put herself in the shoes of Isabel Pantoja. Loles León will have to imitate a member of Orquesta Mondragón, while Lydia Bosch will be, for one night, Marilyn Manson. For their part, Los Morancos will receive a 'vip training' to play Keen Levy and his partner Rasel, who will have to combine the tutelage of the Cadaval brothers with their next imitation of Juan Luis Guerra. Finally, the 'bring a friend' box has been checked twice: Nia Correia will play Jennifer Lopez and will need someone to play Ricky Martin, while Agoney will have a friend to play Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak .

Julio Iglesias, protagonist in laSexta

For its part, 'Research team' dedicates tonight his report 400 in the sixth to the fortune of Julio Iglesias (10:30 p.m.). The program presented by Gloria Serra investigates the decision to include the wolf in the list of prohibited animals to hunt throughout the Spanish territory. Last year this animal would have attacked 15,000 head of cattle, which represents losses of more than 2 and a half million euros for the public coffers. The livestock lobbies demand to be able to kill them because otherwise the wolf will destroy their farms. However, environmental associations assure that it is essential to protect it.

Mr. Bean, in action at Cuatro

Four opt tonight (10:15 p.m.) for a new pass from 'Johnny English back in action'. When a cyber attack reveals the identities of all active UK secret agents, Johnny English becomes the secret service's only hope. In order to find the hacker, this forces him back after retiring, but as his abilities are quite limited, English will have to struggle to overcome the technological challenges of the modern age.

What's more, The 1 of TVE bets for a new pass of 'How to kill your boss' (10:10 p.m.). For Nick, Kurt and Dale, the only solution to making their daily routine more tolerable would be to make their unbearable bosses disappear. With the help of a few too many drinks and the dodgy advice of a go-getter ex-con, the three devise a devious and infallible plan to get rid of their superiors for good. The only problem is that the plan is only as foolproof as the brain that conceives it.


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