'Got talent', 'The voice' and 'In the spotlight', in today's 'prime time'

Eva González repeats as presenter of & # 039; La Voz & # 039;

Eva González repeats as presenter of 'La Voz'

A new edition of 'The voice' arrives tonight (10:10 p.m.) at Antenna 3. Alejandro Sanz, Luis Fonsi, Malú and Pablo Alborán will be the coaches of the space, which will have changes in its mechanics that will make the fight to be the best voice in the country even more exciting. During the 'Blind Auditions', the four artists will be able to listen to the contestants selected in an exhaustive casting that has toured different Spanish cities. Each one will select 14 applicants to form their team and move on to the next phase with the best voices.

Telecinco broadcasts tonight (22:00 hours) a new installment of the seventh season of 'Got Talent Spain'. On this occasion, a magician who is in the audience without knowing that he is going to compete because his son signed him up for the casting and passed all the tests; the performance and the allegation against homophobic aggressions, seconded by the public and the jury, of two young dancers; and a Golden Pass by Edurne and Risto that will thrill the audience, will be some of the performances of the program presented by Santi Millán.

Samanta Villar, Ana Terradillos, Carme Chaparro and Mayka Navarro, together in Cuatro

For its part, Four opens tonight (10:15 pm) a new season of 'In the spotlight', which incorporates four women into its team, true 'heavyweights' of journalism: Samanta Villar, Ana Terradillos, Carme Chaparro and Mayka Navarro. In the first installment, Villar delves into the causes of the increase in violence by children towards their parents during the pandemic, presents various cases of families who suffer this drama and introduces for the first time the cameras of a program in the trial of a minor accused of assault to their parents.

A new season of 'Research team' arrives tonight (10:30 p.m.) at the sixth with the report 'The 7 lives of Moreno'. Gloria Serra and her team investigate the alleged great scam of which José Luis Moreno is accused. The well-known television producer, on probation after having deposited a mortgage guarantee to cover the bail of 3 million euros that the judge demanded two months ago, has the obligation to appear weekly in court, and the prohibition to leave the country . It is the penultimate episode of a biography worth telling. The life and miracles of José Luis Moreno, the violent robberies in his mansion now take on a new dimension.

Gwyneth Paltrow battles a deadly virus in La 1

Also, a new pass from 'Contagion' (22:10 hours) occupies the prime time of The 1 from TVE. Suddenly, without knowing its origin, although everything suggests that it begins with an American woman's trip to a Hong Kong casino, a deadly virus begins to spread throughout the world. In a few days, the disease begins to decimate the population. Contagion occurs by mere contact between human beings. A realistic thriller without special effects about the effects of an epidemic.


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