Got Talent | The controversy of Risto and the canary bucio: "How beautiful is ignorance for the ignorant" - La Provincia

Ricardo Gonzalezwent to the programTelecino 'Got Talent'with the intention of "vindicate canary folklore"and" specifically a tradition such asresonate from the bucio"It had only been 30 seconds whenRisto MejideHe decided to press the red button and interrupt the performance of Tenerife.

"When do you propose a show that is to come, touch the conch and that's it?"Mejide snapped before the Tenerife answered:"How beautiful ignorance for the ignorant"The answer of the canary caught the jury by surprise, who stared in amazement at Risto waiting for a new attack. Even the presenter Santi Millán went on stage to calm the spirits and for this he did not hesitate to joke asking Gonzalez not to continue there. However, the new response of Risto did not wait: "I am ignorant in many areas but I come here to give my opinion and after 13 years seeing people on stage I tell you that this is not a show, I tell you to the face, "Risto said visibly angry.

For its part,Paz Padilla, she was very interested in this traditional Canarian instrument, and even asked González to play the bucio, before her performance began.


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