Google will remind you to raise your head from your phone when you walk down the street

A woman walks looking at her mobile.

A woman walks looking at her mobile.

Google has introduced in its Digital Wellbeing application a new Activatable function that reminds users to lift their head from the mobile when they walk down the street to avoid accidents.

‘Look ahead’ sends users reminders to take a break from the phone while walking, so that they focus on what they have around them, although the company clarifies in the description that these notifications do not replace the attention that must be paid.

These notices first appeared in Google’s Digital Wellbeing app code in November last year, and now the company has started distributing them, first on Pixel phones, as reported by XDA Developers.

The function can be activated under the section ‘Reduce interruptions’, and detects the movement of users and has access to the GPS to send notifications and avoid hitting a lamppost or going to cross without first looking if a car is coming.


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