Google will also lower its traffic to guarantee the functioning of the internet

Google has also pledged to lower its traffic in order to keep the internet running smoothly in the European Union (EU) due to the intensive use of the Internet by homebound European citizens to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Commission announced this Friday. European (EC).

Specifically, the YouTube video platform will switch to standard definition all its traffic in the EU after speaking the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, with the CEOs of Google, Sundar Pichai, and YouTube, Susan Wojcicki.

"Millions of Europeans are adapting to social distancing measures thanks to digital platforms, helping them to telecommute, learn online and entertain themselves," Breton said in a statement.

Breton celebrated that Google took the initiative to "preserve the proper functioning of the internet during the COVID-19 crisis" and stated that they will closely follow the evolution of the situation.

A Google spokesperson said, "People come to YouTube to search for authoritative news, learning content and to make connections during these uncertain times."

Although the company assures that they have only observed some peaks in usage, it has put in place measures to "automatically adjust" the system to use less network capacity.

"We will continue to work with Member State governments and network operators to minimize system stress, while also providing a good user experience," he concluded.

The video platform Netflix also promised this Thursday to reduce the bit rate in all its transmissions in Europe for 30 days in order to reduce traffic on networks by around 25%, and guaranteed that it will maintain a good quality of service. For your customers.


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