Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Google transfers from London to Dublin its payment services for the Brexit

Google transfers from London to Dublin its payment services for the Brexit

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Technology giant Google confirmed today that will move from London to Dublin (Ireland) its payment services, given the uncertainty posed by the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), informed Efe sources of the corporation.

The US multinational had contacted its clients this week to inform them in writing that, as of this Thursday, changes will be made "in the conditions" of the services, so that they continue to function normally even if "the relationship of the United Kingdom with respect to »the EU by the Brexit.

In this way, the subsidiary Google Ireland Limited will take over the payment platforms in Europe, which until now were managed by Google Payment Limited from the British capital, in order to guarantee "business continuity", no matter what happens after This rupture, said the sources, who added that the decision "is not temporary."

"When this happens (this Thursday), you will be able to continue consulting your previous transactions at, but Google Ireland Limited will be the one who processes your payments and your information, according to what is stipulated in the new terms of service", explained the company in its correspondence with customers.

Among other payment services, the Irish subsidiary will manage the services of Google Pay and Google Play Payments, from where customers download mobile applications, added sources.

The transfer operation takes place when the British Government continues to negotiate a break with the EU, although the blockade suffered by this process has stoked fears of a wild Brexit.

In this sense, the Irish Central Bank (ICB) and authorized last January to Google to operate as a payment entity in this country and in the entire community block.

The Irish regulator took that action under the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which allows the company to expand its presence in the financial sector, after obtaining a license from the IBC two years ago to manage electronic money.

With this new permission, Google Payment Ireland can, for example, manage credit cards, make money transfers «online» of users or currency exchange operations.

It will also have competences to offer clients detailed analyzes of their consumption patterns, in order to design personalized financial and budgetary plans based on information from databases.


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