Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Google tests a new local social network to connect people with common interests

Despite the failure of Google Plus, the technology company does not give up and insists on the idea of ​​its own social network. Google is testing a new application of local scope that will serve to meet people with interests similar to ours. The application, called Shoelace, wants to connect people with common interests who are nearby so they can make plans together to go to the movies or play a game of tennis.

Shoelace is a project of Google's internal incubator, Area 120 and its name suggests the idea of ​​creating bonds with others. The application will allow users to browse a set of previously selected activities or add theirs on a map. So, for example, if someone wants to connect with other dog owners, they can start an activity to meet in the park, then start a group chat to coordinate the details and make new friends.

As explained on the website of the social network, Shoelace will be in charge of searching daily for events that the user may be interested in.

The service is specially oriented to people who have recently moved to another city or who want to meet others who live nearby.

To access Shoelace, it is necessary to have received an invitation with an activation code. Of course, it is also mandatory to have an account in Google to login.

The application is available for devices Android, with versions 8.0 or higher, and for iOS, with versions 11.0 or higher, although at the moment it is only available in New York.

It is planned that Google Take this application soon to other cities in the United States, so for now the APK that provides your trial version can now be downloaded.

This application has been created by the team Area 120 Google, a working group that is dedicated to creating experimental products, whose mission is to "use technology to help facilitate the real connection in the world," they say on the official website of the social network.

Regarding privacy, they affirm that once the application is installed, they ask the user if they wish to join a specific community, for which they assure that they frequently ask for verification, "to make sure you only attend 'loops' ( groups of people with common interests in the app) with people you might want to meet. "

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