Google suspends the mandatory return of its staff to the offices

The American tech giant Google no longer require your employees to return to the offices from the company on January 10, according to an email sent to the staff in the United States, which was accessed by CNBC, where the multinational indicates that it will wait until next year to assess the situation.

Thus, Google’s vice president of security, Chris rackow, indicates in the email that none of the company’s work centers in USA It will adopt the hybrid work mandate as of January 10, 2022 as initially planned.

In this sense, the letter states that Google will allow specific locations to decide their schedules for the return to the offices of their respective local templates, while Google’s “local incident response teams” will also help determine the “level of risk” for each office.

Despite this new postponement, Rackow encourages Google employees to, “where conditions allow”, reconnect personally with co-workers, adding that the company will give all employees in need a 30-day period to transition to hybrid hours.

Google has opened so far 90% of its offices in the US., where in recent weeks almost 40% of its employees in the country have returned to work.

In a statement collected by CNBC, a company spokesperson indicated that Google will continue to determine when to reopen the offices and will start the hybrid work week “based on local conditions, which are dynamic and vary greatly between locations.”


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