September 22, 2020

Google strikes Amazon with cloud commerce | Technology

Google strikes Amazon with cloud commerce | Technology

Google wants to compete directly with Amazon Web Services and Azure, the Microsoft service, for a piece of the cloud computing market that, according to statistics, generated $ 250 trillion last year and grew 32% since 2017. Google had lagged behind in the race for these services, which now dominates Amazon with more than 30% of the market. But the Mountain View company wants to gain momentum this year and incorporate more offers within its platform aimed at medium and small retailers and retail, sectors that traditionally tended more towards Amazon.

These new services include artificial intelligence and machine learning to help the processes of distribution, logistics and acquisition of new customers. "Imagine you have a supermarket and every time you run out of a shelf, you have to wait for someone to figure out how to replace it," explains Miles Ward, Director of the Google Cloud Solutions Department. "With artificial intelligence and machine learning, you are immediately notified that you need to replace a product without needing sensors on each shelf for each product because artificial intelligence learns to recognize the images," he adds.

Google has also presented in San Francisco, during its conference on cloud services, the general platform Anthos, formerly called Google Cloud Platform and offering remote computing services. The only thing that really changes from this platform, apart from the name, is that it will now be hybrid: users will also be able to simultaneously use the Amazon and Microsoft cloud services within Anthos. It will also work in reverse, Anthos users will be able to work with the Google cloud on the Amazon and Microsoft platforms, without any problem. "Customers complained that continually changing platforms was really a nuisance," says Ward. "With Anthos they will have a complete ecosystem, in the main platforms."

Ward compares Google's cloud with Uber. "Assemble the digital part of a company is as if you wanted to go for a ride with a car and they said: there you have the pieces, mount them and when you are assembling the car, you can go out. It's expensive and takes a lot of time, "says the cloud expert. According to Ward, Anthos makes all that easy, like calling an Uber. "Instead of putting the whole car together and spending thousands of dollars, you ask for an Uber and you have it at your door in minutes, for 10 dollars. That's Anthos for companies. "

Google strikes Amazon with cloud commerce

If Anthos manages to penetrate between users with its hybrid model and Google's open source strategy, it could reach Amazon and Microsoft, which seem still reluctant to collaborate in the cloud market. "I think that little by little they will open up, they will see that in this market it is better that we collaborate because the client looks for a complete service, without fissures. Google in this sense has been 20 years ahead with open source, we have always been very collaborative. "


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