February 26, 2021

Google promises that all its hardware will have recycled materials in 2022

The US multinational Google on Monday pledged that all its hardware products such as the Google Home home assistant or the Pixel smartphone be manufactured, at least in part, with the use of recycled materials from 2022.

"Starting in 2022, one hundred percent of 'Made by Google' products will include recycled materials in an effort to maximize recycled content whenever possible," the head of Sustainability said in an official blog post in consumer hardware, Anna Meegan.

In addition, the Mountain View firm (California, USA) also set a goal that, from next year, all its shipments to customers, as well as those of customers to the company, are carbon footprint zero, that is, do not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

In order to achieve the zero or neutral carbon footprint, it is possible to use means of transport that do not emit greenhouse gases (such as electric vehicles) or, in the case of long distances, use ships rather than airplanes, more efficient in the transport of goods.

Another way to achieve this goal is to "compensate" for the emission of gases by investing money in environmental projects that extract gases from the atmosphere such as planting trees or buying carbon credits.

From Google, they explained that they have been working on reducing greenhouse gases for some time and that between 2017 and 2018 the amount of carbon dioxide emissions linked to the delivery of their products was reduced by 40%.

"Manufacturing these devices and bringing them to our customers consumes many resources, and eliminating our old electronic devices can create a significant amount of waste," said the head of Sustainability.

In addition to Pixel and Home, Google manufactures other hardware devices such as the Pixelbook line of laptops, the Nest home automation control center, the Chromecast audiovisual playback device, the Google Wifi router and various models of thermostats and cameras for the home.

In recent times, large technology companies have included sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their future strategy, as in the case of Apple, which has set itself as a long-term goal that everything it manufactures is with materials Recycled, or Microsoft, that wants to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 75% by 2030.

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