August 5, 2021

Google presents the Pixel 3 mobile, a tablet and an assistant | Technology

Google presents the Pixel 3 mobile, a tablet and an assistant | Technology

After the storm unleashed by the security breach that has led to the closure of Google +, with the same nuclear target as Apple and in a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Manhattan, Google has presented its weapons to compete in the high-end electronic devices with prices similar to those of the apple, but with Android as the central axis, as an operating system for mobiles, tablets and home assistants.

Rick Osterloh, former Motorola executive and responsible for hardware In the search engine, he was the master of ceremonies of the act convened in New York. He recalled how in the 20 years of life of the company, they have become obsessed with having access to information in an orderly manner. "We try to be the fastest. With our servers, infrastructure and constant improvement, but we want to understand you even better, "he remarked.

Artificial intelligence, hardware Y software They are the combination of Google to win the trust of consumers. "We want everyone to have their own Google, which is a personalized experience based on their experience. Unique, "stressed Osterloh.

Among the novelties is the inclusion of a chip dedicated to safety and an obsession, according to fashion, for well-being. Under this category, the notification control and the time spent in the applications are highlighted. A way to recognize the digital addiction created by the combination of latest generation devices and social networks.

They have not left the script. The constant leaks have made these events lose part of the mystery. The new pixels, in two sizes, maintain a single rear camera, supported by their artificial intelligence systems. The mantra of Google, repeated over and over again, is that it is impossible to take a bad picture with your terminals.

Three devices

Google unveiled three devices at once: Pixel 3, a mobile phone; Pixel Slate, a powerful tablet; and Google Home Hub, a new home assistant, speaker with screen. The latter competes directly with a similar Amazon model with Alexa, as well as the Facebook Portal, presented only 24 hours before.

"The house is the most important place in your life, that's why we want to come in and help you," the manager said in a tone of complicity. And it has taken the opportunity to deploy the Nest catalog, a company that started making intelligent thermostats and ended up acquiring. Now they are focused on security cameras and smoke detectors, without much echo outside the United States.

Diya Jolly, director of this division, has shown the benefits of Hub: "Respond to the voices with naturalness, adapts to the ambient light and has a design that fits in your home." It is true that they have made an effort with the texture and pastel colors so that they do not clash in the living room.

YouTube, its large video store, will have a leading role in the selection of content to entertain, with music and series, as well as in the tutorials to learn how to cook, sing, play the guitar or resolve specific doubts. In the presentations everything seems easy and without apparent effort.

Hub aims to be the control center for all types of devices. Google says it is compatible with more than 1,000 devices already on the market, from light bulbs to televisions and speakers. It goes on sale in the United States for $ 149 on October 22, although it is already bookable.

Tablet and Google keyboard
Tablet and Google keyboard.

Pixel Slate, your tablet aims to be a hybrid between computer and giant mobile. Trond Wuellner, the head of the device, has spoken of lightness and usefulness, to try to emphasize that it is a new category. "We have put it in the hands of filmmakers and artists to take advantage of it productive, with imagination, this is a new chapter for Chrome OS", he emphasized. Chrome OS is your operating system, one step beyond Android, mobile-centric. It has an eight megapixel camera, integrates the voice assistant and has the power to handle spreadsheets. Following the wake of Apple, has a keyboard that becomes a case, but will be optional, a complete that is purchased separately. Wuellner made some risky statements: "You can open as many tabs as you want It comes with a price of $ 599, 199 costs the keyboard and 99 the smart pen." At the moment, with no date of departure in Spain, only in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom .

The mobile

The Pixel 3 has been saved to the end. "The smartest one there is," they said again in a grandiloquent tone. It comes in three colors: black, white and a rose stick called "not Pink".

Presentation of the new Google devices.

The camera has been the central axis and have announced an agreement with Annie Leibovitz, the famous photographer, whose next project will be carried out entirely with this mobile. It is the first time that the artist gives in to a brand to close a collaboration of this style. "Combining hardware and artificial intelligence allows us to reach a higher level ", finished to announce how the mobile will choose the best time to avoid closed eyes, extinguished candles instead of blowing or jumping to the pool full of water splashing.

Another of the most common problems is the zoom, one of the points of loss of quality, that Google solves with artificial intelligence. The same happens with the selfies group, which is now able to touch up to fit the friends. For this Google has taken a controversial decision: double front camera but only one back.

In addition to having the latest Qualcomm processor and fast loading, Google has announced a loading platform, the Pixel Stand. One more sign of his concern to be considered an Apple-style or Samsung-like manufacturer. Pixel 3 prices start at $ 799 on the medium screen model.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has not appeared or been cited at any time. The presentation was held after the scandal for the data leak that forced them to close their social network Google+ only 24 hours before the presentation.


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