Google presents Stadia, a multiplatform video game in streaming Technology

The CEO of Google, Sundai Pichar, has presented at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, during the Game Developers Conference and before more than half a thousand developers, a new concept of video game platform, which they have christened Stadia. It is a multiplatform; It can be played from the computer, television, mobile and a tablet, simultaneously, without interruption and without specific controls. Everything, from the Chrome search engine and YouTube, without any download. You can start playing in five seconds, just by clicking a button within a YouTube video that has that option.

This will be possible thanks to the cloud and Google's vast network of data centers, connected globally. In addition, thanks to this, video games can reach up to 4k resolution, 60 frames per second, with surround sound, although the goal of Stadia is to achieve resolutions of up to 8k in the near future, as the number of screens increases with this technology.

Although it is not necessary to have commands, Google will launch a specific one for Stadia, which has a button to share games directly to YouTube. It may be connect to all our devices through wifi.

Google has already started the beta version of Stadia, called Project Stream, in English, several months ago. Assasins Creed Odyssey, the first video game on this platform. Now, he announced that one of the first video games to officially appear in Stadia, will be Doom Eternal, the mythical title developed by id Software.

The creator of YouTube MatPat, during the GDC.
The creator of YouTube MatPat, during the GDC. AFP

Support for youtubers

If a year ago YouTube gave a boost to thousands of content creators in its platform by modifying the monetization of the videos, now wants to support the youtubers making it possible for their fans to join the video game in real time. They can also play a specific part of the video game long after the youtuber The session is over. This can be a very valuable tool for these creators of content, because it will bring much closer to these youtubers to your audience and perhaps open new monetization channels.

Google has presented Stadia in the largest conference of video game developers in the world, so it focused on them much more than the players. Therefore, more attention was paid to the aspect of the development and creation of videogames, with tools such as an impressive automatic learning tool that will allow you to choose and expand the artistic style of the video game. In addition, you will save hundreds of hours of work by unifying the artistic style of the video game immediately.

Google creates its own videogame studio

Taking advantage of Stadia's potential, Google also announced the creation of Stadia Games and Entertainment, which will produce exclusive content for Stadia. Although Phil Harrison, the vice president of Google, made it clear that Stadia will share its tools with all developers, unambiguously. Right now there are more than a thousand developers, both from Stadia and external, working on creating new titles within the multiplatform.

The vice president of Google, in the GDC.
The vice president of Google, in the GDC. REUTERS

Many attendees stressed that Stadia is more curious to them from the point of view of a gamer than from a developer. "I've seen it and it seems very interesting, but above all I want to try it as a player, not so much from the perspective of the developer, "He assured EL PAÍS after the presentation an Apple worker, who preferred to remain anonymous. "What does make me very curious is whether Google is going to receive a subscription or if it's going to be a free platform."

During the presentation Google did not say a word about how the Stadia financing model will be. "I suppose it will be a subscription model, or maybe videogame packages," explained Numael Méndez, of RT Game Audio, experts in videogame audio. "I think it's going to be announced by others like Amazon and Microsoft, a subscription platform in the same style as Netflix, I think we're going towards that model."

Google did not mention any official release date for this platform, but it did say that this summer there will be more news about Stadia. Meanwhile the gamers more impatient can go to the link and the developers to


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