Google paid less to its engineers than its engineers for the same work - The Province

Google paid less to its engineers than its engineers for the same work - The Province

The study on pay equity that Google develops annually among its employees has revealed that the company discriminated salary for its male workers in front of its companions within the professional category of "software engineers of level 4", reason why the multinational will indemnify to the affected ones, according to has confirmed the company in an entrance of its corporative blog.

In this way, Google reported that it has allocated a total of 9.7 million dollars (8.78 million euros) to compensate for the discrimination salary by gender or race suffered by a total of 10,677 of its employees, although it does not specify the exact number of men and women who have been compensated. In 2017, the Mountain View company compensated 228 employees with 270,000 dollars (239,000 euros).

Google explained that the biggest salary discrepancies detected in 2018 are explained in the first place because in a particularly large category, level 4 of software engineers, men received less discretionary remuneration than women.

Likewise, the company carried out an analysis on the procedure of new hires to detect possible discrepancies in the offers presented to the new employees, noting that 49% of the money destined to correct salary imbalances derived from this cause.

"The salary should be based on what you do, not on who you are", stressed Lauren Barbato, responsible for analyzing pay equity in Google, noting that the remuneration of each employee of the company is configured algorithmically based on different factors related to the work done, including its location, level and performance, adding that when Managers want to apply any type of discretion to these compensation should justify it.


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