Google Meet already has automatic translations in real time during meetings

Automatic transcripts translated on Google Meet.

Automatic transcripts translated on Google Meet.

The video conferencing application Google Meet has started testing a new feature that allows automatic generation transcripts translated into another language displayed in real time during meetings.

The new feature, which has been in the beta version of Google Meet since Monday, seeks to "help video call participants to communicate better by translating spoken language into transcripts in another language," as Google reported in a statement.

This tool, aimed at users of the business and education versions of Google Meeet, It is oriented to applications from international meetings, training sessions to students who speak languages ​​other than the teacher.

Google Meet translated transcripts are initially available only for English speakers, whom you can translate into Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

Activating this option is possible from the options icon on the right side of the Google Meet app, by enabling the section on 'Translated captions'.


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