October 24, 2020

Google Meet adds noise cancellation to Android and iOS video calls

Video call through Google Meet.

Video call through Google Meet.

The video call service Google Meet has incorporated the function of Noise Cancellation, that allows you to eliminate background noise during a video call, in its version for mobiles with Android and iOS operating systems.

This feature, which was already present in Google Meet video calls from the desktop version, intelligently removes background noise while maintaining the user’s voice, as Google has reported in a statement.

Noise cancellation has begun to spread this Monday on Meet for Android and iOS, and will arrive gradually for the next three days for professional and educational users -G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education-.

However, the feature will not be available to those with the free basic plan, G Suite Business small business users, and G Suite for Nonprofits non-profit organization users.

Further, the function will be disabled by default and users can activate it if they wish in the Google Meet call settings menu.


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