April 17, 2021

Google Maps celebrates its 15 years with new functions – La Provincia

Google Maps has announced amakeover that introduces on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, and that accompaniesnew functions that seek to improve the experienceof users in the planning of routes in public transport and on foot.

On the occasion of the 15 years of service, the company has updated the logo, with a new image that “reflects the evolution” that has had the tool to map the world. For this they have been based on “the key element” of Google Maps, the pushpin, as they report in a statement sent to Europa Press. Thechange in designIt also introduces, for the Android and iOS application, five new easily accessible tabs: Explore, Regular Scrolls, Saved, Contribute and News.

In‘Explore’, users will find information, ratings, reviews and other suggestions, about 200 million places around the world, while in ‘Regular Displacements’ they can configure daily journeys to receive updated and real-time information about traffic, travel times and possible alternative routes.

The tab of‘Saved’ groups saved sites in one placeby users, who can also search and organize plans for their next trip and share recommendations about the places you have already visited.

In‘Contribute’, users can share their local knowledge, for example, giving details about roads and directions, missing places, reviews and photos of shops. ‘News’, on the other hand, offers information on fashion shops or must-see places suggested by experts and local publishers.

Plan routes

Along with the makeover, the company has introduced new features in the Google Maps application that will help users stay informed when traveling by public transport.

The function‘influx predictions’, which is based on previous tripsTo help predict whether the bus, train or subway are very full or not, it is now complemented by new data on the route based on the contributions of users who have already traveled it.

In this way, it is includedtemperature information, accessibility measuresavailable, if there is a space reserved for women, the security system that has been implemented or the number of wagons available – only in Japan.

This functionality will be launched worldwide starting in March and its availability will vary depending on the countries and municipal transport companies, the company says.

On the other hand, and for walking routes, the toolLive View will be expanded with new features, as a better assistance every time a place is searched. Users can quickly see how far and in which direction a particular place is located.

Live View was introduced in Google Maps last year, in order to help the user decide which path to take when taking a walking route. To do this, combine the real Street View images, machine learning and mobile sensors, to show what is around with the superimposed indications in augmented reality.


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