January 28, 2021

Google joins the International Women's Day – The Province

The American giantGoogleit has been wanted to add to thedemands of this March 8 for the International Women's Daywith the publication of a doodle in which quotes from some relevant women in the story are compiled. The citations, which are written in the language in which they were expressed, are translated into Spanish and divided into thirteen slides that the user can go through.

The doodle opens with afamous phrase of a feminist iconthat undoubtedly has left an indelible mark. In Spanish the appointment of the Mexican painter appearsFrida Kahlo "Feet, why do I want them if I have wings to fly?"The words of the multimedia artist can also be found between the slidesYoko Ono: "A dream you dream is just a dream, but a dream you dream of with others is a reality".

Frida Kahlo, doodle.

The rest of the phrases that appear belong to the followingfemale figures:the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie, the British writer and suffragist Millicent Fawcett, the Anglo-Moroccan architect Zaha Hadid, the German writer Emma Herwegh, the American astronaut and physicist Dr. Mae Jemison, the Indian boxer Mary Kom, the Brazilian novelist Clarice Lispector, the novelist French George Sand, the Taiwanese writer born in China Sanmao, the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva and the Indian diplomat NL Beno Zephine. Not counting the aforementioned Frida Kahlo and Yoko Ono.

Mary Kom, doodle.

The doodle, which isvisible in practically the entire world, with the exception of only a few countries, seeks to bring together those great female figures who have sometimes been more in the shade and the American seeker takes advantage of today to give birth to these women who marked the story.

Google honors historical milestones or dates indicated with their doodles

Internet is a large newspaper library and therefore you can consult the most important doodles, such as the Gregorian calendar, as well as its history or creators on the following page:http://www.google.com/doodles/search

Thesesmall virtual art works,like the anniversary of thedetermination of the speed of light, can be acquired and even decorate any type of objects such as t-shirts, stamps or skateboards through its virtual store.

The history of the doodle

Google usually decorates the letters of its logo to celebrate the anniversaries of celebrities or key dates in the world of science or culture, such asthe birth of Charles Chaplin, the Nobel winners, the anniversary of 'El Quijote' or some relevant or novel event or the Gregorian calendar.

The famous search engine has surprised with interactive doodles such as the one he commemoratedthe 30th anniversary of 'Pac-Man',that allowed to play the famous video game.

Other doodles were dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of John Lennon, with a video that reviewed the imagery of the Beatle; the 60th anniversary of the publication of 'The astronauts' by Stanislaw Lem, with several mini-games,or the incredible dedicated toLes Paul, recreating a guitar inspired by the master of the six strings that allowed users to compose songs.


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