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Google honors the centenary of the Bauhaus school with a 'doodle' - The Province

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TheBauhaus schoolof architecture, art and design, founded in 1919 in Germany byWalter Gropius, celebrates the centenary of his birth, andGoogleHe wanted to commemorate this fact through a 'doodle'

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This pioneer school in fields such asgraphic and industrial design, as well as in aesthetic foundations that greatly influenced themodern architectureand in everyday life, it was closed by order of theNazi Partyin 1933.

The Bauhaus always emphasized two indivisible elements in its designs, theshapeor beauty andfunctionality, the latter being the main characteristic that should be complemented.

The 'doodle' with which Google has wanted to add to the events of commemoration, among which the opening of theBauhaus Museumin Weimar - the birthplace of the school - shows some of the most recognizable forms of a movement that forever changed the way we understand design.

Google honors historical milestones or dates indicated with their doodles

Internet is a large newspaper library and therefore you can consult the most important doodles, such as the Gregorian calendar, as well as its history or creators on the following page:
These small works of virtual art, such as the anniversary of the determination of the speed of light, can be acquired and even decorate any type of objects such as t-shirts, stamps or skateboards through its virtual store.

The history of the doodle

Google usually decorates the letters of its logo to celebrate the anniversaries of celebrities or key dates in the world of science or culture, such as the birth ofCharles Chaplin, the winners ofNobel, the anniversary of 'The Quijote'either a relevant or novel event or the Gregorian calendar.

The famous seeker has surprised withinteractive doodlesas for example with the one that commemorated the 30th anniversary of 'Pac-Man', that allowed to play the famous video game.

Other prominent doodles were dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth ofJohn Lennon, with a video that reviewed the imagery of the Beatle; the 60th anniversary of the publication of'The astronauts'Stanislaw Lem, with several mini-games, or the incredible dedicated toLes Paul, recreating a guitar inspired by the master of the six strings that allowed users to compose songs.


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