July 26, 2021

Google helps identify a song just by humming it

Google helps identify songs by whistling.

Google helps identify songs by whistling.

Google has improved the algorithms of its search engine so that it is able to offer search results for songs when the user does not remember the title but is able to hum or whistle the melody.

The company has improved its search algorithms so that they are able to identify songs, or at least offer the “most probable options”, when the user hums, whistles or sings them. The results list also offers additional information about the artist and the song, as well as videos or lyrics.

To be able to offer this function, the algorithms have learned to transform a melody into a numerical sequence in such a way that when the user presents their search request, either singing, whistling or humming, converts it to a number sequence with which you can pair it with that of a melody, as he explains on his official blog.

Although the company offers since 2017 with Pixel 2 a song recognition function, the novelty is that it is now able to match potential songs with a search request without needing the original lyrics or song.

This function is available in both the browser and the wizard to ios (in English) and Android (in more than 20 languages).


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