July 25, 2021

google +: Google + closes for a breach that has exposed data of half a million users | Technology

google +: Google + closes for a breach that has exposed data of half a million users | Technology

Google has announced the closure of the social network of the search engine (Google +) created in 2011 after having detected a security breach that has exposed the data of half a million users, as the company has acknowledged following information from Wall Street Journal. This gap has given the lace to an application that according to the company, had a low use and 90% of users used less than five seconds.

After a review of the applications, Google discovered a "limited interaction" of its users and, in addition, an error in programming (known as bug) that has allowed access to the data of the profiles that are shared among the users. In this way, as the company has admitted, could have been compromised email addresses, jobs, gender and age of the owners. According to Google, messages, publications, account information or phone numbers have not been affected.

The error was detected and repaired last March and is attributed to a code change. "We can not confirm which users have been affected by this error, however, a detailed analysis of the two weeks prior to the repair, potentially affected accounts amount to 500,000." Our analysis shows that up to 438 applications have been able to use the interface of application programming, "the company admits in a statement.

"We have not found evidence that any developer knew of this error or abused the interface, or that the information was used maliciously," the note adds.

The error was detected, although it was not recognized until yesterday, during a program to detect privacy vulnerabilities.

As a result, Google has decided to dispense with its social network, although it will allow for 10 months, until the end of August, to collect its data. It will also modify the account permission policy and limit third party access to Gmail data. Finally, it will limit the applications that can receive permissions via SMS on Android devices, whose contact applications will not be interactive.


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