Google extends the .new domain so that any company can register its shortcut online - La Provincia

Google has announced this Tuesdaythe extension of your .new web domainso that any company or organization can register its own domain in .new and create a shortcut to a tool in order to help workers do things morefast 'online'.

A year ago G Suite, the service ofGoogle applications,created a series shortcuts,, and, in order tocreate a shortcut in the navigation barto easily open a new document. Now Google has announced that this shortcut will be available forOrganizations and companies.

As Google has announced in a statement on its blog, several companies already have their shortcut, such,which allows the user to access the creation of their own playlist in Spotify,,to write directly on the Medium blog. There are other companies that also have this domain asCanva, Stripe, Bitly and Webex.

As of December 2, a .new domain can be requested during the Limited Registration Period, this domain has to lead directly to the shortcut and if it does not comply with Google Policies, it will be removed from the registry.

This domain, like all previous ones, will be secure, since it will be served over HTTPS connections. Trademark owners with registered domains have from this until January 14, 2020 to register their domain in .new.


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