Google enters videogames: follow the conference live

Google will announce this Tuesday March, 19 starting at 6:00 pm (peninsular time in Spain) what they have defined as their "vision for the future of the video game"At the GDC 2019.

The speculations indicate that the novelties would be related to an entertainment service linked to streaming and a physical control with which to play, as the journalist Jason Schreier in Kotaku points out. A Google console? It's yet to be seen.

Good afternoon to everybody. From 18:00 (Spanish peninsula time) of this March 19, you can follow here live and direct presentation of Google in the GDC. At the top you can find the video broadcast and here we will tell you textually and with images everything that is happening from San Francisco.

This keynote, in which everything points will reveal not only an entertainment service but also a physical console, will mean the definitive entry of the giant American company after several approaches and an insistent attempt to make Android a friendly platform for electronic entertainment .

18: 00h live

But it will be today when we know if that Project Stream (which was tested with games like Assassin's creed Odyssey in Google Chrome) materializes or not in this new project or if, on the contrary, as indicated by the indications that suggestive logo is anticipating the launch of a video game console capable of competing in some way with the current PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

The great G streaming service through the cloud has been tested several times, a technology where several companies are already attracted. Since Kotaku, the journalist Jason Scheier signs a report where he assures that the announcements will be summarized mainly in two: a physical control with which to play and a streaming service that provides this entertainment.

"Project Stream works on Google servers," he says. "Instead of processing the graphics locally using a powerful PC or console." He adds, in turn, that he has not heard anything else about another type of hardware. Other indications point that the games that we see through a streaming on Twitch can be purchased directly and also download the streamer game (if you activate this function) to play from that same point.

What is not a rumor is the incorporation of Jade Raymond as vice president of Google's video game department, a signing that joins the team of Phil Harrison. Likewise, Amy Hennig and Crystal Dynamics They will be present at the talks after the announcement, at approximately 23: 00h from the Peninsula.

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