Google Duo expands group video calls to 12 people - La Provincia

Googlehas expanded the capacity of video calls in your applicationDuoso they can participate12 people simultaneously,who will also have the possibility of taking photographs in the course of communications.

The measurements ofconfinement and social distanceThey have made people spend more time on messaging apps and video calls to keep in touch with friends and family. In Duo's case, the company has found that call minutes have increased tenfold in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there have been eight times more group video calls.

Precisely group video calls, whichuntil now they allowed a maximum of eight people to be part of them, have been expanded so that as of this Tuesday four more people -that is, up to 12- can intervene simultaneously.

This expansion is available on both Android and iOS, and, as the company has stated in a statement,in the coming weeks they will increase the capacity more.

So that distance is not an impediment to creating memories with those closest to you, the company has also introduced a function that allows you to take a quick photo during a video call, which can be shared with its participants.

Regarding messages, the company has noted a 180 percent increase in messages sent in recent weeks, with an 800 percent increase in regions particularly affected by social distancing.

Google has also reported that"soon" will automatically save messagesinstead of expiring 24 hours after being viewed or shipped. In this way, it will give the possibility of keeping those important messages for the user.


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