Google dedicates its Doodle to the Prado Museum

Two centuries of history of the Spanish museum are fulfilled

Today, November 19, 2019, are met 200 years of the inauguration of the Prado Museum. It houses more than 7000 works, among which “El Jardín de las Delicias” (El Bosco), “Las Meninas” (Diego Velázquez) or “Saturn devouring his son” (Francisco de Goya). Thus, Google He has honored the Prado Museum with his Doodle.

"The meadow" It was designed in 1785, by the architect Juan de Villanueva. Initially, the building was going to be a natural science center. However, King Ferdinand VII and Queen Maria Isabel de Braganza transformed it into a public gallery in 1819, under the name of the Royal Museum. At that time 311 works were exhibited that came from royal collections, although it housed many more. The Trinity Museum and the Royal Museum were merged in 1872. That same year it would be called the National Museum of Painting and Sculpture. It would not be until the 20th century (1920) when the museum would adopt the name of Museo Nacional del Prado. The art gallery houses Spanish, Italian, French, Flemish, German, Dutch and British paintings, among others. Over time the institution expanded, which increased the influx of public. During the Civil War, many works moved to Geneva, where an international exhibition was created that attracted more than 400,000 tourists.

At present, "the Prado" continues to climb as far as prestige is concerned. According to a study published by Travelers Choice Museums On TripAdvisor, the museum is the fifth best in the world and the first in Spain. Last year 2,892,937 visits were achieved, although it was in 2016 when the highest figure, 3,033,754 was reached. It has a total of 7988 cataloged paintings, of which only 16% of the total works are exposed, that is, 1290.

Although the Prado Museum is 200 years old, it was not until 2016 when the first exhibition of a woman took place, specifically the Flemish painter, Clara Peeters, whose work dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The first hundred years were celebrated with a lecture by art critic and historian Elías Tormo in the central gallery, this year the exhibition "A place of memory" will take place that will last about four months in rooms A and B, where it will be honored the development and historical importance of the institution. This year the Prado Museum has also been recognized with the award Princess of Asturias of Communication and Humanities. Two centuries of history is what lies behind each of the works.


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