March 6, 2021

Google confirms that Play Music will close this year – La Provincia

Googlehas confirmed that it will close its music streaming serviceGoogle Play Musicthis year and has opted instead for its music streaming toolYoutube music, in which it is already possibletransfer librariesof music from the previous platform.

YouTube Music and Google Play Music users “for nowwill be able to access both services“so that they have enough time to transfer their content and get used to the new service, as reported by Google in a statement.

Google has ensured that it will inform users of its streaming platforms “long before they lose access to Google Play Music later this year,” thus confirming its closure.

In order to ease the transition between the new and the old platform, YouTube Music has introduced a new feature that allows you to transfer the contents of Google Play Music assong libraries, preferences, podcasts and playlists.

This function, which was not possible before, will be explained to users of the service in detail through an email. The process begins by downloading the YouTube Music app and accepting the transfer option.

After this, the contents begin to be shown in the YouTube Music library, which will become “Google’s new center for playing and discovering music”.

The transfer function from Google Play Music will also be used to migrate to other applications such as Google Podcasts, to which it will be possible to send the libraries and the reproductions of these contents.

YouTube Music has a free version and a paid subscription for 9.99 euros per month. The platform has also incorporated new functions such as playlists of up to 5,000 songs, offline playback and the ability to transfer content purchased from Play Music.


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