Google commemorates the 119th anniversary of Mara Moliner - The Province

Google commemorates the 119th anniversary of Mara Moliner - The Province

The author of'Dictionary of spanish use'and the first woman who became part of theRoyal Spanish Academy, María Moliner,It would fulfill this Saturday, March 30, 119 years. The librarian, philologist and lexicographer was born in a small town in Zaragoza calledPaniza. Daughter of the rural doctor Enrique Moliner Sanz and Matilde Ruiz Lanaja, Moliner would work a career for which today is taken as a clear reference and occupies a page in the history books.

The American giantGoogledid not want to miss an anniversary of such a figure and has dedicated a'doodle' in SpainIn honor toMaría Moliner. To commemorate the 119th anniversary of the birth of this Zaragoza, Google has publishedan image with different objectsand their corresponding names. A flower, a cat, a sun, a grenade, a duck, a snake and a woman are appreciated in the drawing. All this on a blue background on which highlights the great work of Moliner: The 'Dictionary of use of Spanish'.

The history of the doodle

Google usually decorates the letters of its logo to celebrate the anniversaries of celebrities or key dates in the world of science or culture, such asthe birth of Charles Chaplin, the Nobel winners, the anniversary of 'El Quijote' or some relevant or novel event or the Gregorian calendar.

The famous search engine has surprised with interactive doodles such as the one he commemoratedthe 30th anniversary of 'Pac-Man',that allowed to play the famous video game.

Other doodles were dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of John Lennon, with a video that reviewed the imagery of the Beatle; the 60th anniversary of the publication of 'The astronauts' by Stanislaw Lem, with several mini-games,or the incredible dedicated toLes Paul, recreating a guitar inspired by the master of the six strings that allowed users to compose songs.


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